Bling With Sting

The idea and attitude: a woman that carries self-protection with her at all times is strong. Capable. Safe. She knows how to take care of herself. In every situation. She walks safely, everywhere she walks. She knows she’s not


Far from it, she knows that her strength comes from her ability to be open-hearted, trusting, empathetic. It does not come from people telling her who or how she needs to be. She knows WHO she is.

Predators, or anyone on the Spectrum of Defense, look for easy targets. A Bling Girl is no one’s easy target. She’s a sassy example of someone not afraid to stand up for herself. Ever.


For just $20 (plus S&H) you receive the tool. The colors to choose from: black, purple, pink, hot pink.  Videos will be provided with directions on how to properly use the tool.